Top 5 Australian Films

gidday Mate!


Being an Australian film maker myself, I would like to tell you about my 5 favourite Australian films..

5. Apocalyptic (2013)

Saw this film at last years Melbourne Monsterfest. It is a fascinating story of a cult operating in the Victorian Wilderness and what happens when the outside world investigates their community. Easily the best film of the festival.. unfortunate that it may not get the wide release it deserves.


4. Dead End Drive In (1986)

1986 new wave extravaganza of 80s aussie punk camp.. about unemployed youths in the near future who get locked up in a Drive-In.. Great music/outfits and story.



3. Romper Stomper (1992)

Extremely confronting and violent look at a Melbourne Skinhead community fronted by a young Russell Crowe. Powerful, dark and important till the very end.


2. Lake Mungo (2008)

Directed by Joel Anderson, this terrifying mockumentary combines a strange paranormal activity esque ghost story with a lynch-ian approach to the Australian outback.



1. These Final Hours (2013)

I saw this film at the Melbourne International Film Festival last year. Directed by Zac Hilditch with a  tour-de-force performance by Nathan Phillips as James, the world is ending fast with Perth being the last city to encounter the impending apocalypse. As the earth ends in all other cities, Perth is becoming a breeding ground for lunacy as people are faced with deciding what they want to be doing when they die. Powerful, beautifully shot and scripted.. For myself at least, it was the best film of Melbourne International Film Festival 2013, and the best Aussie film I have seen in a very long time.






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